AGATHONAS IAKOVIDIS & KYRIAKOS GOUVENTAS- Rebetiko-Smyrneiko-Nisiotiko-Dimotiko
12.07.2014  at  20.00 h
Greece traditional & rebetiko
17.5€ (reduced 12.5€)
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AGATHONAS IAKOVIDIS & KYRIAKOS GOUVENTAS- Rebetiko-Smyrneiko-Nisiotiko-Dimotiko


Agathonas Iakovidis sings and plays rebetiko and traditional music since 1973. In all his personal albums he presents both old and unknown songs (relying, in large part, on his large private music archives), and more popular and well known ones.
He has appeared all over Greece and gave many personal concerts in Europe, US and Australia. Recently he competed for Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest with the group Koza Mostra, in a song that combines rebetiko and Balkan elements.

Kyriakos Gouventas is an allround musician who participated in some 100 recordings/CDs of traditional Greek and “entechno” music. He frequently plays with famous dance groups, such as the "Lykeion Ellinidon", and appears in regional traditional festivals all over Greece.
He is also a founding-member of the group Primavera en Salonico, which has toured with star singer Savina Yannatou all over the world since 1996.

Guitar: Benjamin Clement



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