SOLON LEKKAS- Lesbos & Asia Minor Songs
30.10.2011  at  17.00 h
North-East Aegean & Asia Minor
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SOLON LEKKAS- Lesbos & Asia Minor Songs


Singer Solon Lekkas( 65) was born in Lesbos, where he still lives now.
Solon Lekkas is the most traditional and authentic singer from his region. He is a natural performer of the old traditional songs of the island, as well as the so called 'Aman' songs or 'Amanedes'.
'In Lesbos we have the aman songs, the old karsilamas songs and the heavy zeibekiko's, you don't find those in other places, only here. We always had them, it is our tradition, the people that came from Asia Minor, when they came, they found these songs here, we already had them.
You know, Lesbos and Turkey where really one and the same, Lesbos and Aivali, there was a continuous coming and going between us. The same habits, traditions, clothing you could see in Lesbos, Aivali, Pergamon. The men here always sung amanedes, even when singing for a girl in the morning, they would sing an aman song. In the old times the people would always dance and party with the music, usually in couples. Two men would dance together the karsilamas, the zeibekiko, the sirtos,
so as to look at each other and communicate with the dance'.

Kyriakos Gouventas is a member of the Thessaloniki Ensemble of Traditional Music and of 'Primavera en Salonico', Savina Yannatou's band. Kyriakos Gouventas also often played rebetika with the well-known singer Mario. Moreover he is a very successful teacher of all Greek music.
Kyriakos Gouventas is generally very much in demand as a violinist by the most famous and skilled traditional singers and musicians of Greece.
Recently he co-founded the folk orchestra "Estudiantina", of which he is also an active member.
With Andreas Katsigiannis, also a member of the 'Estudiantina' orchestra, the traditional ensemble gets its most complete form, the santour serving as a harmony basis for the violin and voice, which doesn't prevent it from improvising itself.

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