TZIGANI- Gipsy traditional
30.09.2010  at  20.00 h
Gipsy music from Russia, Hungary, Romania, Balkan
15€ (10€ for students under 26 and jobseekers)
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TZIGANI- Gipsy traditional


TZIGANI is a gipsy band that plays original and traditional music from Eastern Europe:
Russia, Hungary, Romania, the Balkan countries.
Two musicians are gypsies from Hungary, one is from Romania, the fourth from Belgium.
They play their own music in the virtuoso manner for which gypsy musicians are famous all over the world.
What makes TZIGANI really unique is the sophisticated approach of their music, and their talent to present a perfectly built up show, in which the audience is spell-bound from the beginning till the end.

TZIGANI on video: http://www.tzigani.eu/en/videotziganiquartet.htm
TZIGANI general http://www.tzigani.eu

The musicians
Pal Szomora (Hungary), violin***
Iulian Jantea (Romania), accordeon***
István Szomora (Hungary), cimbalom+guitar***
Herman De Rycke (Belgium), double-bass***

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