EMA POPIVODA- Piano Concert “Macedonian story”
10.10.2017  at  20.00 h
Piano recital
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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EMA POPIVODA- Piano Concert “Macedonian story”


The Macedonian pianist with a worldwide carrier Ema Popivoda will present her piano project “Macedonian story”. “Macedonian Story” is an outstanding music project that brings the emotions, the heart and the soul of the small Balkan country Fyrom. It consist of compositions written for solo piano by the Macedonian composer Dimitrije Buzarovski that are based on Macedonian folk themes. The unique ethno sound and the specific irregular rhythms characteristic for the music of Macedonia, as well as the passionate and the virtuosic piano playing of the pianist are always deeply touching the listeners. This concert was presented with a great success in many places around the world New York, Tokyo, London, Rome, Budapest, Sofia, Gdansk, mostly because the audience enjoyed the new ethno sound as well as the video animations that are presented during the concert. The thirteen nocturnes, that are on the program of this concert, are pieces based on famous Macedonian folk songs that the people in the past up until today are singing at the night gatherings/parties as a part of the urban folklore. In their bases, they represent variations of the folk themes above which is built a very complex virtuous piano texture. Even if the compositional technique is based on Chopin/ Liszt pianistic tradition, they are multistylistic and include impressionistic, jazz and modern sound. Altogether, “Macedonian story” presents original and unique music that is easy for listening for a broader audience.

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