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Internationally acclaimed Violin Maestros Dr. M. LALITHA and M. NANDINI
have been widely applauded as the `QUEENS OF VIOLIN’ - Weekend of the
present generation. Popularly known as the `VIOLIN SISTERS', these
outstanding musicians have enthralled the audiences with their spell
binding music and have been acclaimed as the “ONLY FEMALE DUO IN ASIA to
perform the World music, South Indian Classical, Fusion and Western
Classical music” - Le Mauricien.

Hailing from an illustrious family of musicians, Lalitha and Nandini have
the privilege of being the fourth generation of musicians in their family.
To quote the renowned music critic Subbudu “`Music runs in their blood,
they must have played music even when they were in their mother’s womb. ”
Lalitha and Nandini are the torch bearers of a unique musical tradition
but yet have evolved a distinct style of their own.

Their musical genius manifested at the tender age of three and has
blossomed into a top notch violinist of Today. With a career extending
over two decades LALITHA and NANDINI are regarded as highly imaginative
virtuoso Violinists with immaculate bowing along with dexterous fingering
techniques. They have been endowed with a sweet and rich tone, which along
with their innate artistry and technical brilliance makes their music
unique. There is a rare spirituality about their music which soaked in
bhakti bhava has endowed their music with a transcendental quality. Their
rare musical insight combined with their innate artistry, technical
brilliance and original creativity, has enraptured their critics and
connoisseurs alike. The music that cascades from the Duo's Violin's is
known to be sublime, brilliant, traditional and celestial. Though much
sought after violinists of today, their firm adherence to tradition or
sampradaya suddham and patantara suddham adds credit to their style of
performance. With their irresistible urge for perfection they have
revolutionized the violin playing technique to great heights.

Their music is envisioned by the sisters as an offering to the divine,
which in their musical vogage is a sole endeavor to alleviate the soul
which results in an rare aesthetic and emotional musical quality. They
enrapture their audience with imaginative improvisations and intricate
rhythmic patterns fused with melodic sweetness. Couched in deep
classicism, melody, creativity they have set a new standard for
violinists. They have specialized in playing varnam-s in different grades
of tempo and in playing Kalpana Svara-s in many grades of speed, which is
a prominent and unique feature of their style of Violin playing.

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