STEPHEN KENT - Musical Journey into the Heart of the Earth
16.08.2017  at  19.00 h
Contemporary Didgeridoo
15€ (reduced 10€ students and jobless)
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STEPHEN KENT - Musical Journey into the Heart of the Earth


As a globally acclaimed player of the ancient Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo Stephen Kent has pioneered its use in contemporary music across the globe for more than 30 years collaborating with leading musicians such as Brazil's Airto Moreira, India's Zakir Hussain, Doors drummer John Densmore and Habib Koite from Mali. His own band projects include Baraka Moon, Trance Mission and the legendary Lights in a Fat City.
As a solo performer he is a virtual one-man-band, producing an extraordinary layering of sounds and grooves and creating an almost orchestral ambience with this primal instrument, accompanying himself on all kinds of shakers and hand percussion on musical journeys that travel deep into the heart of the earth.


"If you're skeptical about being swept away by someone blowing through a hollowed out tree branch you're in for a big surprise"
San Francisco Weekly


Globally recognized Didgeridoo virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist and composer Stephen Kent has pioneered the modern day use of the ancient Australian Aboriginal instrument in the contemporary world & collaborated with an unprecedented array of world-class musicians from myriad global cultures and musical genres in five continents. Born in England, raised in East Africa and based at various times in Australia, Spain, the UK and, since 1991, the San Francisco Bay Area he has released over 25 widely acclaimed recordings, including 6 solo works, and multiple collaborations with group projects Trance Mission, Baraka Moon, Lights in a Fat City and most recently the Del Sol String Quartet with whom he recorded the entire works for String Quartet & Didjeridu composed by the late Peter Sculthorpe of Australia. Collaboration across cultural boundaries is at the root of his interest and he has played with extraordinary musicians globally, including Airto Moreira (Brazil), Zakir Hussain (India), Habib Koite (Mali), Rahim Al Haj (Iraq), Zap Mama (Belgium,Congo), Sukhawat Ali Khan (Pakistan), Chirgilchin (Tuva), Samulnori (Korea), Megadrums (Austria), Leonard Eto (Japan), Omar Sosa (Cuba), Minu Cinelu (Martinique) R.Carlos Nakai, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Paul Horn, Glen Velez (USA), among countless others. A classically trained French horn player he was inspired by Aboriginal culture and came to the Didjeridu in 1981 while music director of Australia’s Circus Oz, whose support for Aboriginal human rights was a profound influence on him. He spent 7 years as a comic performer in New Circus, experiences that evolved his close connection with audiences worldwide. He tours and performs frequently both as a solo artist and with Baraka Moon, Trance Mission and Del Sol. He has produced a weekly “Music of the World” show on Pacifica Radio’s KPFA (kpfa.org) for the past 20 years. www.stephenkent.net


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