“PASSEGGIATA LIBERA” Cello & Piano Andrea Mereu & Annalisa Orlando
09.04.2017  at  19.00 h
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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“PASSEGGIATA LIBERA” Cello & Piano Andrea Mereu & Annalisa Orlando


Musical “Promenade” from the Baroque period till the 20th Century

Bach, Takemitsu, Crumb, Chopin, Beethoven, Faure

“Passegiata libera” is an invitation to explore different musical landscapes and scenaries that are very distant to each other from a temporal,
geographical and artistic point of view, but yet interconnected because
of the compositional styles of the chosen composers.
The “journey” will bring the listener to various places and musical destinations, starting in Germany with Bach’s intellectual’s rigor and profoundity and Beethoven’s irony on one of the most beautiful opera’s theme ever written by Mozart (“Bei Männer welche Liebe fühlen), arriving to France thank to the lyricisim of Faurè and passing through Japan and America with music from the first internationally acknowledged contemporary composer Toru Takemitsu and the american George Crumb, with some of his Hungarian influence in the Sonata for cello solo.
Andrea Mereu and Annalisa Orlando perform together since 2015. Their collaboration started in Mannheim, Germany, where both musicians met each other during their previous musical studies.

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