LASSATIL ABBALLARI - Italia-Balkan-Galicia etc
03.05.2017  at  20.00 h
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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LASSATIL ABBALLARI - Italia-Balkan-Galicia etc


A voyage by the step of a dance that will lead you from the Balkans to Galicia, from the South of Italy to Ireland, through France the Netherlands!!

The project LassatilAbballari aims to push their audience to dance, to move, to vent their natural instincts through specific cultural patterns. Human beings, carried away by the music and rhythms of traditional dances belonging to the past -but still living in the present- regain possession of their time, no more marked by nagging problems but by the rhythm and melodies of a tambourine, a guitar, an accordion, a flute, but also of a Zampogna, a Scottish bagpipe or a Galician Gaita. In this way the public does not attend passively, but becomes an essential part of the show, through dances such as the Franco-Belgian Bourree, Galician Muiñeire and Alborade, Breton Andrò, Tarantelle, Pizziche and Tammurriate of Southern Italy, Jewish and Eastern European dances, Irish Jigs and Reels and more. About two hours of music and dance where you can see and hear instruments and music from different European countries.

The LassatilAbballari were born in 2008 as a result of the musical meeting between Michele Piccione and Benedetto Basile. Over the years many musicians have come and gone from the ranks of LassatilAbballari, among them we can mention: Daniel Tesauro, Valeria Cimò, David Polizzoto, Paolo De Leonibus


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