CAKEWALK THE SOUNDTRACK OF LIFE- Emile Verstraeten (violin) & Griet Grypdonck (piano)
30.03.2017  at  20.00 h
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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CAKEWALK THE SOUNDTRACK OF LIFE- Emile Verstraeten (violin) & Griet Grypdonck (piano)


Griet and Emile are taking you on a magnificent musical journey through life.

Starting with the very beginning of an innocent childhood with “Golliwog’s Cakewalk”, which is a mocking dance from Claude Debussy’s “Children’s corner”, it turns out that life gets more seriously with the violin sonata from César Franck.
This eminent piece of work was a gift from this Belgian-French composer to
Eugène Ysaÿe for his wedding day in 1886.

But then, the first violin sonata from Sergei Prokofiev arrises and darkness suddenly appears. The long chain of quick notes made by the violin – described by the composer as “wind blowing through the graveyard” - in combination with an ominous deep sound of the piano, have made this composition
the most perfect soundtrack for the composer’s funeral.

The final piece will bring you back to the mocking lightness of the start of your journey, but yet with a far less innocent feeling than in the overture: it’ll be Lucifer himself, chuckling and dancing in the Danse Macabre written by Camille Saint-Saëns.



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