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Argentina folk
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Born in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, and graduated from Conservatorio de Artes Dramáticas de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in english), Casiana Torres is an argentinian folkloric music singer and performer.
She has three albums edited. The last one of these, was recorded by the important record label Acqua Record (2016), “Al corazón de la tierra” (To the heart of the Earth) directed and arrenged by guitarist Martin Castro. Studious and generator of projects that took her to an exhaustive investigation of her repertoire where she stands on and developes all her potential with a unique and full of meaning approach.
Casiana has been invited to feature in other artists releases, well known stars of the national music such as Gerardo Nuñez or the Tribute to Luis Alberto Spinetta, the 2015’s Premio Gardel (Gardel Prize) award-wining album. Great artists of the local music scene participated in this record, some of them were Mercedes Sosa, Teresa Parodi, Leon Gieco and Chango Farías Gomez. Casiana has also participated in different homages to musician and poets of her country, like Armando Tejada Gomez, Aldo Luis Meloni, Bustriazo Ortiz and Atahualpa Yupanqui. In 2012 and 2013, Casiana made two european tours in France and Spain. She also toured in Chile and Uruguay for several times.
Currently, she’s working on a new show about folk music of the pampean plain region of Argentian with Martin Castro and Juan Martin Scalerandi.

Photo credits: Pablo Scavino



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